Sep 11, 2021

Mid-Autumn within the Allianz Family

At Allianz Insurance Singapore, we embrace diversity and the rich culture represented by our family of colleagues. This Mid-Autumn Festival, we celebrate with our colleagues (albeit with social distancing!) by sharing delicious mooncakes with everyone. A family that eats together stays together!
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Aug 16, 2021

Our Dynamic Team at Allianz

Join our dynamic team at Allianz Insurance Singapore, where collaboration and innovation thrives.
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Jun 22, 2021

Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Looking forward to seeing all again soon. Stay safe!
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Jun 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day!!

We engage our colleagues either via ditial meeting rooms when we WFH or in the office environment and know them professionally for their work.
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Jun 08, 2021

We are ONE!

What a year it has been, starting a new insurance company from scratch and steering through these pandemic conditions was no easy task but our solid belief and resilience brought us closer to our purpose.
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Apr 19, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Do a little back for Mom! Catch the perfect bouquet for your Mom on our Facebook
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Jan 27, 2021

Catch the Ang Pow!

Come join in the fun on our Facebook page
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Dec 03, 2020

Did you rub your eyes to take a second look?

It’s our ‘see-through’ Allianz Motor Protect Campaign on taxis! It is our way of saying that our policy is this transparent!
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Nov 05, 2020

Gesture of Our Appreciation

Today, as part of our appreciation, our CEO Hicham Raissi presented some of the Mask-for-the-Nation winning design masks to our heroes and heroines at the front-line staff of Singapore General Hospital. Thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts! We are deeply grateful! We will come out of this stronger, together!
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