As a business owner or operator, we are responsible for preventing any accidental damage or injury to third parties. However, despite many safety measures set in place, accidents can still occur.

It is no secret that compensation for such accidents can be costly to the business balance sheet. Allianz has insurance solutions to protect your balance sheets.

Public Liability insurance is important if members of the public interact with your company in any way. Unexpected accidents can happen in the course of business – delivering goods to customers, clients visiting your office premises, your company holding an event or when your employees are working at an offsite premise.
As a business owner, you are responsible for every product you make and sell. If one of those products is faulty, or causes some form of injury to buyers or users, your business could be held accountable for the consequences that follow.

Product Liability Insurance can help protect your business from such legal costs, if it happens.
In view of new dimensions of potential legal liability exposures, any business can fall victim to the high cost of liability claims from simple slip and fall accidents to personal injury and reputation damage claims. That's why every business' first line of defense against liability arising out of its operations should be Combined General Liability Insurance.

The Combined General Liability Insurance offers cover against third party claims arising from personal injury, property damage, and advertising liabilities.
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  2. Information is accurate as at August 2020.