At Allianz Insurance Singapore, we encourage and empower our colleagues to strive towards their aspirations. Here’s what our colleague, Catherine, has to share about why she is part of the Allianz family.
“When I joined Allianz, I felt that my colleagues believed in me instantly. It felt fantastic to be valued for my skill set and what I could bring to the table.
I joined Allianz because I was inspired by the opportunity to dare to dream. To me, that meant being able to try new things and to be part of a team daring enough to do different things.
I love building something out of nothing and spotting the hidden gems along the way. This allows me to really challenge myself to come up with new proposals, business ideas and ways to maximize sales.

There’s a sense of trust and empowerment that comes from this culture that focuses on quality of delivery over when, where or how long you work.”
Catherine Pang
Lead, Partnership Channel
Join our dynamic team at Allianz Insurance Singapore,
where collaboration and innovation thrives.
16 August 2021