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We welcome you to work with us in a conducive environment that encourages and empowers individuals to strive towards aspirations. Grow with us through upgrading of skills, sharing of experiences, and enjoy our learning and inquisitive culture. Find and fulfill your purpose here.
Why We Are Here

We are here to provide insurance solutions so to support individuals and families through their life journey, securing a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones. We also appreciate that businesses exist beyond balance sheets. We understand that their tireless commitment to deliver bottom lines is to ensure dependent livelihoods are secured.

We are a company that cares beyond facts and figures, dollars and cents, Allianz Insurance Singapore cares about what matters to you.

Hence, leaning on the expertise gained from our parent company’s 130 years of experience, adding a touch of local understanding, Allianz Insurance Singapore is committed to bring relevant insurance solutions to enhance lives for the individuals, families and businesses.

Our Core Values
With a clear mission and ethical standards, we embrace and practice integrity in everything that we do. We will do what we say, and deliver the value we promise.
Customer Focus
Driven by customer-focus as a core value - from management to back-end support to operations to the front line, we are committed to bring relevant product solutions and services in anticipation of customers' needs. We want to be just a little ahead so that we remain connected, yet ready to meet the needs of our customers. We strive to communicate in simple language, make processes easier, hassle-free for both customers and partners.
Our Culture
We stand together with the larger Allianz family. Our shared belief in the power of diversity and inclusion, integrity, transparency, mutual respect and support, empowers our employees to work in an environment where everyone has a sense of belonging.
Find and Fulfill Your Purpose Here
Join our dynamic team that embraces empowerment, diversity and inclusion. At Allianz Insurance Singapore where collaboration and innovation thrives, we strive for excellence, together.